Perhaps the easiest-to-use training system…

You will learn to use it in 25 minutes



Do you use Microsoft Office?

We have good news! Thanks to our unique content editor solutions you can easily convert your documents into efficient e-learning contents.


Turn your PPT into online presentation without a hitch


Create a pool of exam questions by importing your existing xls spreadsheets


Enhance comprehension with interactive questions embedded into videos.


Import your SCORM format educational content from your existing systems.

… and many more

ERP / Core system trainings

Do you have a custom built software? Do your colleagues have problems using it properly?
Our Software training solutions give you the world of possibilities to model your systems, and create hands-on, job specific trainings.

Training support solutions

Micro training that fits into employees working schedules.
Gamification to raise acquired knowledge levels.
Automatic messages to maintain the flow of learning
Incentive system with virtual goods to collect and cash
Unique, specific learning support solutions

Plug-in trainings

Within our system you can reach trainings from well-known companies and trainers.
The training contents we provide primarily for sales support, communication and other business functions will improve your competitiveness on the market.
Our offering broadens continuously, for further details please request our free catalogue.

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We are committed to developing an integrated and an easy-to-scale education ecosystem. The primary goal of our personalized development efforts is to make the creation of education contents and knowledge transfer easier and more cost-efficient.

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Privacy Policy

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