Assisting enterprises to develop and soar higher

Innovative online e-learning system designed for challenges of the future.


Skillnaut’s Innovative online e-learning system provides a quick and efficient response for its users to an ever changing business and legal environment.


Increase your productivity and efficiency!

The continuous development of colleagues and business partners and the application of new tools of knowledge management are key to sustained competitiveness and the increase of corporate efficiency.
Skillnaut’s e-learning solution optimized for mobile devices elevates this activity to a higher level. Our system has been optimized to empower our users to create knowledge-transfer content that can be understood and internalized by colleagues and business partners alike.

Develop you colleagues even further!

Skillnaut provides a high level of freedom to its users and empowers them to learn wherever and whenever they are ready for it. Our automatized Onboarding solution helps new employees integrate into the company smoothly, makes the onboarding process a pleasant experience and motivates them to interact with senior colleagues.

Our integrated gamification approach supports online learning efficiently and inspires colleagues to strive for the better. Diamonds and rubies are given as achievement rewards for diligence and for higher levels of knowledge.
In our challenge-game, colleagues can compete with one another in a stress-free environment resulting in a better coping with challenges and exams. Focused methods of learning allow quicker and simpler ways of learning.

We are committed to developing an integrated and an easy-to-scale education ecosystem. The primary goal of our personalized development efforts is to make the creation of education contents and knowledge transfer easier and more cost-efficient.

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