Improve your new recruit induction with Skillnaut Onboarding program and save cost.

Automate the whole process with us.

Increase employee engagement

Turn your employee induction into a real experience. Our unique content editor solutions enable you to reach every generation throughout the onboarding program.

Our unique method and mentoring program will help employees in building relationships.

Our mobile compatible technology makes the learning comfortable.
The integrated gamification modules offer creative solutions to present your corporate values.

Work smarter not harder

Upload your content to our pre-designed onboarding program or create your own program.

The automated learning guide of the Skillnaut Onboarding program leads the new recruits through the training material step by step.

The Skillnaut Onboarding program supports the verification / control of the learning process with customizable signals and comprehensive analytics.

Find out more about the Skillnaut Onboarding program

Chat with us and learn how to increase employee engagement, retention and benefit from improved efficiency.

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We are committed to developing an integrated and an easy-to-scale education ecosystem. The primary goal of our personalized development efforts is to make the creation of education contents and knowledge transfer easier and more cost-efficient.

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Privacy Policy

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