Lack of skills among workers

In the third part of our ‘Signs You Need Skillnaut’ blog post series, we explore how the Skillnaut e-learning platform can help address challenges with employees’ lacking skills.”

In the modern business environment, employees may often face various challenges and difficulties in performing their tasks.

Why are skills key to workplace performance?

In the field of human resources (HR), “capability” refers to the qualities and skills that affect a person’s performance in the workplace. This category includes professional and technical skills, as well as soft skills, which also contribute to individual and team effectiveness.

Professional skills are related to the specific position and require specific knowledge and expertise in the field. For example, for an IT professional, knowledge of programming languages may be essential, while for a marketing professional, the planning and management of creative campaigns may be of particular importance.

Soft skills are more general skills such as communication, teamwork, time management and empathy. These skills tend to cut across different professions and positions and are key to working effectively and building successful professional relationships.

Skills development is of paramount importance for companies, as they contribute to employee performance, teamwork efficiency and the achievement of corporate goals. Employees with advanced skills contribute to business innovation and competitiveness through their adaptability, creativity and problem-solving abilities. In addition, the soft skills developed will help employees to adapt to the changing work environment and to personal development.Skills development is therefore of paramount importance at both individual and organisational level.

The Skillnaut e-learning platform provides excellent support in this respect:

Targeted training

Skillnaut allows companies to create specific training courses aimed at developing missing skills. The training materials cover in detail the areas that employees need to perform their tasks more effectively.

Tracking and tracing

The platform tracks the progress and results of learners. This allows us to see to what extent which workers have acquired the necessary skills.

Reports, competence indicators

Skillnaut offers a competence indicator to help measure the level of training of employees. For example, if a job has 10 skills and an employee has already acquired 6, the competency index will be 60%.This indicator helps managers and HR professionals to easily monitor the skill levels of employees and provide additional training where necessary. Skillnaut is a powerful skills development and monitoring tool that helps employees improve their performance and the company increase its efficiency.

Skillnaut can provide answers to the challenges of skills shortages. With targeted training and effective monitoring tools, it gives workers the opportunity to develop and expand their skills. Competency indicators and reports help managers and HR professionals to easily assess employee progress and provide additional support where needed. Learn how to make the most of the opportunities Skillnaut offers and help your employees reach the desired level to perform their tasks more efficiently!

Stay tuned for the next part of the series, where we’ll discuss more signs and solutions to help your company run more efficiently and help your employees grow.