Because there are areas that requires tailor-made solutions.

Skillnaut’s flexible framework and agile development team will make your demands come true.



Our solution to the insurance industry

The FBAMSZ knowledge center provides a competitively neutral training platform for the members of the association and for independent brokers as well.
Through this platform Skillnaut offers industry specific solutions, which are in line with the expectations of the IDD Compliance.

Training for high EHS risk environments

Our console application can be integrated into access control systems and provides a safe solution to manage visitors on EHS sensitive areas.
In case of planned visits it offers remote / online accessibility to training materials thus accelerates the entry process.


The flexible front-end of Skillnaut’s micro training system gives you the option of rapid trainings to make it efficient for temp labor / student workers. The flexible training system supports employee education for job swaps, substitutions, etc. Our mobile technology allows colleagues to use their own devices and the company to implement a CAPEX-light solution.

We are committed to developing an integrated and an easy-to-scale education ecosystem. The primary goal of our personalized development efforts is to make the creation of education contents and knowledge transfer easier and more cost-efficient.

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